Thesaurus is a consulting firm born in Osaka in 2004. Our job is to uncover the potential of the client's management resources and business environment. And make good use of design and technology to shape it.
In April 2019, we established the DX Center in Nagano as a development platform for IT-based business platforms. Government, Educational Institutions, Companies, Artists, Craftsmen, Creators, Engineers... We deliver the new value that comes from a wide variety of collaborations around the world.


Company name

Thesaurus inc.


Takehiko Arai


Yusuke Arai

Shin Tanaka




DX center

2312-1, Tsuruga Gondoncho, Nagano City, Nagano Prefecture, 3800833

DESIGN studio

KS YODOYABASHI IMANISHI building 3F4-2-13 Kitahama Chuo Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, 5410041

Business Content

Multi-faceted business environment analysis by a team of consultant × designer

Agile IT strategy execution project

High cost performance development through collaboration with Bangladesh IT companies

Sales and maintenance of system development infrastructure software

Consulting on service development, branding, marketing communication

  • 8/2004
    e Security Cube Co., Ltd. established
  • 4/2012
    IT consulting started
  • 4/2013
    Creative consulting started
  • 8/2014
    Changed company name to Thesaurus inc.
  • 4/2019
    Nagano DX Center opened.