Thesaurus is a consulting firm born in Osaka in 2004. Our job is to uncover the potential of the client's management resources and business environment. And make good use of design and technology to shape it.
In April 2019, we established the DX Center in Nagano as a development platform for IT-based business platforms. Government, Educational Institutions, Companies, Artists, Craftsmen, Creators, Engineers... We deliver the new value that comes from a wide variety of collaborations around the world.


Creating new businesses with ideas and information technology

Thesaurus provides exciting new cultures and values to the world. In the resources, industry, nature, and the lives of local cities, We analyze all kinds of data and markets from various perspectives to find potential. And with fresh ideas and the latest information technology, By creating unprecedented communication and collaboration between customers and businesses, Invented, proposed, and implemented new business platforms.


Idea First

Free and innovative ideas, always challenging

Free ideas are always welcome, and the members of Thesaurus have a progressive attitude, and We support the bold challenge of realizing your ideas.

Growth and Development

Continue to grow through self-learning, thinking and practicing

We are always eager to acquire knowledge and skills and continue to grow. Our growth leads to the growth of the organization and is a shortcut to achieving our goals.

Be Professional

Always professional and playful.

We fulfill our responsibilities with a sense of mission for all projects involved. We never compromise or cut corners, and always work with confidence and playfulness.

Creating Value for Society

Be close to your feelings for the benefit of society.

We not only pursue our interests, but also provide value to society by caring for our members, customers, and the community as a whole and following others' feelings.

Big Picture

With a broad perspective, always thinking about the future

Instead of focusing on a local area, we focus on the whole. Leading the project to success with calm and accurate judgment according to the situation. We sometimes welcome bold action.