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Development Engineer

A web-based engineer who supports product development aiming at the world from Nagano. We would like general application development to be utilized in new business of our client. You will be responsible for all development processes from business planning to requirements definition, design, development and testing. There is also cooperation with foreign engineers.

CTO Candidate(Development Management)

A leader who can handle technical management to implement advanced technologies such as AI, IoT, Bigdata in business.About every IT system development project that we work with, you will be responsible for management of each project, planning of implementation of new technology, and prototype development mainly from the technical side.

iOS Engineer

IOS app developer for shaping customer business ideas. You will be responsible for smartphone application development in all IT system development projects we work on.

UI/UX Designer

Web and smartphone apps. Demonstrate your creativity in a free environment. You will be responsible for front-end design and promotion media design and design for all IT system development projects we work on.